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                    About QUT

                  Qingdao University of Technology

                  Qingdao UniversityofTechnology(QUT) is located in the beautifulcostal cityQingdao. It was established in 1953 and formerly known as Qingdao Institute of Architecture and Engineering.It operates in 3 campuses, including Sifang campus, Huangdao campus andLinyicampus. QUTcoversanarea of 1,463,000 square meters with the construction area of 649,800 square meters.

                  Itembraces an abundance of scientific research facilities, a strong teaching staff, and favorable studying environment.The number of academic staff amounts to about2,362. QUTconsists of 19schools or departments providing bachelor degrees, master degrees and PhD programs with total student number of over30,000. The university library has a collection of more than2,074,000 volumes and717,200 types of electronic books.

                  QUTis a higher educational institution in engineering with distinctive characteristics in subjects of civil engineering and architecture,mechanicalmanufacture, and environment andenergy.It offers a harmonious development of multi-discipline which covers scientific and humanity education, including science, technology, economy, management, arts and law..

                  QUThas 39laboratories and teaching centers. 6 key laboratories and 6 technological research centers inprovincialandmunicipallevels.The university has undertaken“973 program”,Hi-Tech Research and Development Program (863 Program), National Key Technology R&D Program,National NaturalScience FoundationPrograms, andparticipates in the researches about the key technology ofThree GorgesProject,DivertWater from theSouth to theNorthProject,plateau trains,Cross-HarbourTunnelof Jiaozhou Bay, Victory Oilfield, energy saving equipment ofJinan Steel Group and Laiwu Steel Group, Qingdao Bay Bridge, etc.

                  QTUattaches great importance to international exchange and cooperation and intensifies the academic exchange withrenownedhigher institutions and experts at home and abroad. QTUkeeps in close touch with universities or research institutions of America, Germany, England, Russia, Switzerland, Australia and Korea in academic exchange and scientific cooperation, and established theintercollegiatescientific cooperation relationship with them. QTUadmits foreign students and also provides the chances to the foreigners forChineselanguage and culture study in the School of Humanities and Social Science.

                  Nowadays, QTU emphasizes on cooperating with the global universities and linking up with the world.It is moving forwards to become aChinesefamous teaching and research university with high quality and multiple disciplines.

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